Scholarly Development Award Request Form | St. Lawrence University Academic Affairs

Scholarly Development Award Request Form

Faculty Development Awards are designed to provide support to faculty as they pursue activities that will have a positive impact on their growth and development as scholars. Thus, these awards will support undertakings that support faculty research and other appropriate scholarly activities. Intended to serve all full time faculty, these grants help individual faculty members pursue their professional objectives and opportunities in their disciplines.



You will be notified of approval by e-mail within 5 to 7 business days.

All full-time faculty are eligible to apply for scholarly development awards up to $700 per year.

Cash advances and travel reimbursements are available every Friday after 12:00 noon (actual checks) and Monday mornings (direct deposit) for requests received in the Academic Affairs office by Monday at 4pm.

When making conference travel arrangements, faculty are encouraged, but not required, to use the University‚Äôs online reservation system operated by Travel Guard. Using this system will allow faculty to charge the cost of flights directly to the University using a University credit card. Faculty choosing not to use Travel Guard may be reimbursed for approved travel expenses booked through another provider and are encouraged to seek the least expensive travel arrangements from providers including, but not limited to, Travel Guard.

If you do not have an M&T travel card, you may request a cash advance using this form. Your advance will be available up to 10 days prior to your departure. Please note: if you do not clear your advance within 15 days of traveling, you will not be eligible to receive another one during this academic year.

Please be reminded that meals will be reimbursed at the rate of $30 per day with or without receipts.

A completed expense report must be submitted to the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, 103 Vilas Hall, within 15 business days after use of funds.