Official Sources for Reporting

If you wish to report officially to the University, whether seeking a formal response through investigation or seeking informal, nonjudgmental resolution,  or with other questions, contact: 

On Campus Official Resources

Safety and Security:  229-5555 (always available, 24/7)

Associate Dean for Student Life

Any of these approximately 175 Responsible Employees

Optional SLU Reporting Form

Patrick Gagnon                                                    
Assistant Vice President for Safety and Security                                           

Rance Davis
Associate Dean of Student Life                                       

Lisa Cania                                                         
VP and Title IX Coordinator                                                                                                                

Joseph Tolliver
VP and Dean of Student Life

Off-campus Official Resources

You have the right to file a report with local law enforcement, the Canton Police Department (386-4561 or 911) or the New York State Police Sexual Assault Hotline (844) 845-7269).  Campus Safety can assist you in contacting law enforcement.  While you are not required to report instances of sexual assault to law enforcement, the University will assist you if you wish to do so.