Campus Support Resources | St. Lawrence University Title IX

Campus Support Resources

We provide these resources for questions or assistance on issues of sexual misconduct, consent, and discrimination. St. Lawrence University does not supervise student groups and does not suggest that student groups represent University policy.

Care and Support Booklet 
Provided to all students, faculty and staff each fall.

Resources and Process if you have been Sexually Assaulted: A Flow Chart for Students

LGBTQ Student Resources

Student Advocates (24/7 confidential hotline on campus for survivors of sexual misconduct)

Student MASSIV: Male Athletes Against Sexual Violence
Male Athletes Against Sexual Violence is a student group that acknowledges students of all ages, status, ethnicity and sexual orientation are equal targets and that anyone can fall victim to sexual assault; to educate our peers around issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and gender discrimination; and to cultivate an environment where all people feel safe and able to express themselves without fear of sexual violence. In addition, we wish to establish the male athletes on campus as a safe and responsible group with the moral integrity and courage to speak out against and to protect others from sexual violence

Sexual Health FAQ