Sunday Night Campfire

Welcome Class of 2027!

A graphic of golden marshmellows on brown sticks hover over orange and yellow campfire flames.

Join us Sundays from 7-8 p.m. (EST) to meet the fabulous folks at St. Lawrence. Drop in when you can and let us answer questions and help you start to make important connections!

May 7 - Welcome to Sunday Night Campfires

Meet the First Year Program team (with special guests) to ask the burning post-deposit questions and hear advice from first-year students who are one week shy of becoming sophomores. We will also preview future the campfire sessions and what to expect this summer!  Watch a recording of the campfire.

May 14 - Housing & FYP

This session will focus on best advice for filling out housing forms and First Year Program course requests. Ask questions and clarifications before forms are due on May 30th. Watch a recording of the campfire.

May 21 - The Next Four Years

Today we celebrate the graduation of the Class of 2023 and introduce you to key offices that will offer guidance, opportunities, and advice as we move toward your graduation in four years. Watch a recording of the campfire.

June 4 - Athletics

A chance for students playing or interested in playing varsity, intramural, club sports and/or e-sports to hear about the life of a student athlete as well as meet members of SLU Athletics staff. Watch a recording of the campfire.

June 11 - Well-Being / Health / Counseling

What does it mean to be "healthy" at college? Meet the offices who offer programming to support student health and well-being and hear from current students on strategies, pitfalls, and ways to find balance. Watch a recording of the campfire. 

June 18 - Student Accessibility Services

This session will help students and families understand the work and support in the Student Accessibility Services office. Watch a recording of the campfire. 

June 25 - Diverse Populations

What resources and community options are available to students from diverse populations? This session will introduce students to members of our SLU community who identify as or are involved in the following communities: International, BIPOC, LGBTQIA, First-Generation, Transfer, HEOP.

July 9 - Academic Advising & Support

The wide range of academic support for students will be the focus of this campfire. Members of the academic advising team, peer tutors, WORD Studio, and the PQRC will be available to talk about ways in which students can locate resources to support their academic endeavors. Watch a recording of the campfire. 

July 16 - Pre-Orientation Trips

This session will focus on questions related to students going on pre-trips. Meet with organizers and leaders to ask all your questions on needs and schedules. Watch a recording of the campfire

July 23 - Registration

With registration on docket for this week, this session will be a space to ask any last minute questions as we set about to get students registered for their fall courses. Watch a recording of the campfire

July 30 - Student Financial Services & Financial Aid

With bills arriving and fall semester approaching quickly, this Q&A session will provide space for families to ask questions about all things financial services-centered. Watch a recording of the campfire. 

August 6 - Student Leadership & Organizations

With so many ways to be involved on campus, it can be hard to figure out how start. Members of the Student Life team will share their tips and tricks for becoming an active member in campus clubs and organizations. Watch a recording of the campfire. 

August 13 - Last-Minute Questions

A team of SLU folks will be on-hand to answer any last-minute questions in our final virtual campfire. Stop by to get answers, reassurance, or just to say hi one more time before joining us on campus. Watch a recording of the campfire.