Sociology/Environmental Studies Combined Major | St. Lawrence University Sociology

Sociology/Environmental Studies Combined Major

Sociology/Environmental Studies Combined Major Requirements:

In association with the Department of Environmental Studies, the Department of Sociology offers a combined major in Sociology-Environmental Studies.

1.  Environmental Studies Requirements:

1 unit   ENVS 101 Introduction to Environmental Studies
4 units Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) courses
1 unit   Any elective from a dual-listed course in the natural sciences
1 unit   Any elective listed under ENVS, or from programs abroad if preapproved

2.  Sociology Requirements:

1 unit   SOC 101 Principles of Sociology
            SOC 110 Global Problems
            SOC 112 Inequality
            SOC 161 Social Problems and Policy
            SOC 169 Media & Society
            SOC 187 Environment and Society

1 unit   SOC 203 Foundations of Social Theory. Prerequisite: any 100-level or 200-level Sociology course.

1 unit   SOC 300 Qualitative Research Methods or SOC 301 Quantitative Research Methods. Prerequisite: any 100-level or 200-level Sociology course.

2 units socio-environmental dynamics courses chosen from the following:
            SOC 233  Consuming Food
            SOC 235  Earning a Living
            SOC 253  Race, Class and Environmental Justice
            SOC 257  Environmental Problems
            SOC 267  Environment and Society
            SOC 268  Sustainable Development
            SOC 269  Population and Natural Resources
            SOC 278  China’s Market Transition
            SOC 288  Dilemmas of Development
            SOC 314  Nomads in World History
            SOC 377  Sociology of Consumption
            Other courses, including Special Topics courses, may be considered in consultation with the Department Chair.

2 units any Sociology electives. Students may take additional courses at the 100 level, but a maximum of two such courses can be counted toward the combined major.

1 unit  Capstone: one additional 300/400 capstone seminar, with a research project on a socio-environmental dynamics topic. Prerequisites:  One Sociology course at the 100-level, one at the 200-level, and SOC 203 Foundations of Social Theory. SOC 300 Qualitative Research Methods or 301 Quantitative Research Methods recommended but not required.

15 units Total

Courses that are dual-listed with Environmental Studies should be taken under the Sociology number and count toward the Sociology portion of the combined major.

Requirements Checklists:

Sociology/Environmental Studies Advising Checklist (for those matriculating 2014 or after)


1.    Majors and minors may transfer into their major/minor no more than two approved courses from other institutions, St. Lawrence departments and programs outside the sociology department, or University-approved study abroad/off-campus programs. Permission from the department chair is required for transfer.

2.   Majors and minors may count no more than one SOC 390 Independent Study toward their major/minor.

3.   Majors and minors may count no more than two SOC 290 Independent Study courses toward their major/minor.

4.   No more than a total of two SOC 290/390 Independent Study courses can be applied to the major/minor.

5.   Core courses for the major (theory, research methods, and Capstone seminars/projects) must be taken in the department.