Sociology Learning Goals

Sociology as a discipline seeks to understand the dynamics of the social world through a variety of areas of inquiry.  These include: why societies develop, are maintained, and/or change; the socio-historical context of social phenomena and construction of knowledge; how race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, and other signifiers of "difference" affect structural arrangements and personal experience; and how social relations and processes - between social systems and the natural world, between social forces and social movements, and between the dynamics of power and inequality - operate at local, regional, national, and global levels.  Students who major in Sociology will gain the following knowledge and skills.

Learning Goals:

  1. Actively engage in sociological inquiry by learning to construct a coherent thesis with a supporting argument and by competently synthesizing and evaluating different forms of data.
  1. Articulate sociological knowledge through the development of communication skills and collaborative opportunities.
  1. Move from description to critical analysis of the social world and the students’ place in it.
  1. Develop a sense of agency and responsibility by engaging in the world outside the classroom.