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SLU EMS History

SLU EMS's history spans more than a decade and a half. Prior to 1990, the entity that would become SLU EMS worked primarily as first aid providers assisting at athletic events under the supervision of Ron Waske. Then in 1990, when the Winning Health Center started to close during the weekends, SLU EMS, then called The First Response Team, began providing emergency medical care to the St. Lawrence community from 4:30 pm Friday afternoon to 9:00 am Monday morning during the academic year. The Dean of Student Affairs worked closely with Junior John Weinberg and Sophomore Sarah Markey to create basic protocols under which the team would operate. The team was a student-run volunteer organization that received recognition from the University. In the mid- to late-1990s SLU EMS began operating in its current state. The First Response team became a division of SLU Safety and Security, was issued a New York State agency code, recognizing SLU EMS as a New York State Basic Life Support First Response Agency.  SLU EMS currently operates 24/7 during the school year and our providers are now paid on the weekends.

This History was compiled from several past members of SLU EMS and Advisers to SLU EMS.

The Status of SLU EMS Today:


  • 13 members participated in the EMT-B class at SUNY Canton during the 2014-15 school year.  Additionally, two members completed their EMT-B training prior to the school year.
  • 20 SLU Students, including both SLU EMS and non-SLU EMS personnel, were sponsored in 2007 to take the SUNY Canton EMT-Basic class.


  • SLU EMS currently operates in a Toyota Highlander, donated by the Safety & Security Department.  This is at least the third vehicle SLU EMS operates from.
  • SLU EMS has retired its fly-car, known affectionately as 'the Jeep,' which served SLU EMS relentlessly for the last five years.
  • We have replaced 'the Jeep' with a 2003 Trailblazer, which has been generously donated by the SLU Safety and Security Department.

Call Volume:

  • SLU EMS responded to 304 calls during the 2014-15 .  Our members responded to a wide variety of calls ranging from sports injuries to headaches to intoxicated patients

  • State agency code, recognizing SLU EMS as a New York State Basic Life Support First