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Bicycle Safety

Rules and Laws

1. According to the State of New York, a bicycle is a vehicle. As such the operator must adhere to the same laws as a car while on the road. This means stopping at “stop” signs, using hand signals, etc.

2. Use the bike lanes on Park St. and Riverside Dr.

3. In the Village of Canton, no bikes can be ridden on any sidewalk. You can, however, ride on University sidewalks.

4. Be a courteous rider and yield to pedestrians on walkways.

5. A bicycle riding from dusk to dawn (night) must have a headlight and a taillight.

6. Use the bike racks outside the building or the bicycle storage area within the building. See your CA for exact locations.

7. Bicycles are not to be locked or stored in hallways or stairwells; as this is a life safety hazard.

8. Bicycles are not permitted in any academic building.

Your Bicycle’s Safety

1. Lock your bike whenever it is not being used even when stored indoors.

2. Lock your bike using a sturdy lock.

3. Lock your frame and the front wheel to something that cannot be moved, like a tree or bike rack.

4. Be sure to remove any items from your bike that can be taken: bags, computers, seats with quick releases, etc.

5. Register your bicycle with the Department of Security and Safety.

6. Engrave your social security number or Operation ID number on the bike frame, dropouts or seat post. This enables identification of the owner should the bike be stolen and recovered

Your Safety

1. Whenever you ride always wear a helmet even if you are going down the block. Be sure it is an OS or CPSC approved helmet.

2. Protect your hands with a good pair of bike gloves. If you plant (crash) you won’t leave any skin behind.

3. Know where you are riding to and how to get home. If you are heading to the trails, take a map or someone who has been there before.

4. Bike with someone and not alone, especially if you plan to hit the trails. If you are out in the woods on your own and get hurt, who is there to get help for you? Plus it is more fun to bike with someone!

5. Check over your bike before you ride. Check breaks, tire pressure, head set, quick releases, seat, etc.. A little problem at home becomes big when you are out for a ride.

6. When riding on a road, be clear with your intentions and keep as far to the right as possible.

7. Drink plenty of water before, during and after those long rides

Free Bicycle Registration
Each year bicycles are stolen from campus. The thief knows that almost all owners have not recorded the make, model and serial number of the bike. This makes it easy for the thief to get away with the crime and almost impossible for law enforcement to know or to return the bike to the owner. As part of the bicycle registration the bike will be issued a decal with a number. A would-be thief might see this decal and know that somewhere the serial number is recorded and thus not take the bicycle.