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Why Join SLU EMS?

SLU EMS is an entirely student-run organization that affords its members opportunities not available through any other means. SLU EMS practices real and concrete emergency medicine; it is the first EMS agency, and, in many cases, the only EMS agency on scene. This allows our members an incredible opportunity for hands on experience whether they are interested in pursuing a health-related career or not. Some of the other opportunities available to members of SLU EMS include on-going training programs, staffing special and athletic events on campus which include hockey games, football games, rugby matches, concerts, graduation, and a host of other interesting campus events. SLU EMS also provides unparalleled opportunities for leadership training and professional interaction with SLU administrators, the Canton Police Department, and Canton Fire & Rescue. Alumni of our organization have shown, time and time again, that this type of experience is life-changing whether they have pursued medical careers or not.

Working for SLU EMS is one of the most prestigious and exciting job opportunities available to St Lawrence undergraduate students. There are many misconceptions about working with our agency and perhaps the most common one is, in order to work for SLU EMS, you need experience. This is totally inaccurate! Our agency prides itself on traditionally employing those who have little experience in Emergency Medicine and providing them with that training and experience. In fact, only about half of our members run with other agencies, which means that our providers are hand-picked and tailored to the University Emergency Medical setting.

But what if you’re not an EMT? No Problem! One of the most important positions with SLU EMS is that of the First Responder. These providers are University trained and certified in American Heart Association (AHA) Basic First Aid and AHA BLS CPR. They are trained specifically to assist the Emergency Medical Technicians with whom they work. Each year we give the opportunity for our First Responders and non-EMS members of the SLU community to take the EMT-B course offered at SUNY Canton. Working with SLU EMS while training towards an EMT-B certification provides our First Responders with experience that is unique to any other field training available in St Lawrence County.


  • Every other week we hold a General Meeting required for members, which normally last up to an hour. Communication is a vital part of the agency; we require all members to be present at these meetings unless they are excused by a supervisor. During this time, members will receive any new information regarding changes in policies, and updates as well as have the opportunity to do basic in-house training.
  • On call/Availability - Every month a new Duty crew schedule is released. Teams are composed of 5 members, only 3 of whom are on duty on a given day. We ask that as a member you are able to commit to the time constraint that applies with the position. In a given month a regular crew will have about 4 weekday shifts and 2 - 3 weekend shifts.
  • Crews on duty are allowed to move freely about campus, yet while on call each member is required to wear the SLU EMS uniform, which consists of the polo shirt, khaki, dark, or BDU pants, and the SLU EMS ID Badge. During a weekday only the primary EMT is allowed to be excused from class to respond to a call, other members may respond granted they are not in class themselves.

If you are ready to give something back to the SLU Community, joining a great team committed to the practice of emergency medicine, and doing it all in one of the most exhilarating, fast-paced, adrenaline-run departments on campus, please feel free to apply when applications are available.

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If you have any questions about joining SLU EMS, click here to email us