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Community Training

SLU EMS offers sponsorship for the SUNY Canton EMT-Basic Training Program. If you would like information regarding getting sponsored in the EMT-Basic Program, please Contact St. Lawrence University Emergency Medical Services’ non-Emergency number at x7777 or email us at

Aside from EMT-Basic Training, SLU EMS plans to offer many resources to the community. In the coming months, SLU EMS hopes to hold CPR/AED and First Aid Classes for the campus community at a small fee. Having the knowledge of what to do and how to react to an emergency situation is priceless. In the event of a major emergency, the most important actions are often those of the people first on-scene before EMS can be activated or arrive. We hope to be able to make this knowledge readily available to our fellow students and faculty members very soon.

In addition, SLU EMS would like promote community health through anti-smoking and stress programs, as well as health screenings.

SLU EMS is also very excited to be an active supporter of the proposed St Lawrence University Heart Safe Initiative (SLUHSI) Club.

Stay tuned for new information about training classes!

If you would like your organization to become AHA First Aid or CPR/AED certified, SLU EMS has members who are AHA Instructors. Please contact our office’s non-Emergency number at x7777or email us at