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Mackay Award

The Kathryn Fraser Mackay Endowed Prize in Philosophy was established in 2002-2003 through the generosity of Donald Mackay in tribute to Kathy's engaging and generous spirit.

The award goes to an outstanding senior philosophy major each year.

Each spring the Philosophy Department selects a qualified recipient by considering the following criteria:

1. High GPA in the major.
2. Whether the student is a candidate for Honors (i.e., meets the criteria for honors and is working on an honors thesis).
3. Whether the student demonstrates seriousness of purpose and academic potential for further studies in philosophy.
4. Positive influence in the life of the philosophy department (as demonstrated by, e.g., leadership in Phi Sigma Tau, the Philosophy Club, or by service to the department such as being the student representative for a search committee for a new philosophy faculty member).


2015 - Emily Crawford and Nicholas DeSantis
2014 - Garrett Watson
2013 - Katie Green
2012 - Sarah Baver
2011 - Joe Chiarenzelli and Ben St. Pierre
2010 - Joanna Fassett
2009 - Kyle Benton
2008 - Catherine Pillsbury
2007 - Sahiry Rodriguez
2006 - Emilie Grossman
2005 - Halle Riddlebarger
2004 - John Milanese
2003 - Wamae Muriuki