Philosophy Major and Minor Requirements

Major Requirements

A major in philosophy consists of 10 courses, distributed as follows:

  • 201. Ancient Philosophy
  • 202. Reasoning
  • 203. Ethical Theory
  • 208. Modern Philosophy
  • 223. Asian Philosophy OR 232 Africana Philosophy
  • 4 Electives (at least two must be at the 300 level and only one 100-level course may count for the major).
  • SYE: PHIL-400. Metaphilosophy or PHIL-498-499. Honors Thesis.

Students are strongly encouraged to begin their philosophical studies with 100, 103 or 120, since a 100-level course is often a prerequisite for core courses. The core courses do not have to be taken in any particular sequence, but we strongly recommend that students take 201 and 208 in sequence in their sophomore year.


To receive honors in philosophy, a student must satisfy the requirements for the major. In addition, he or she must have a 3.5 grade point average in the department and complete a departmentally approved honors project (PHIL 498/499) as his or her SYE.

Minor Requirements

A minor in philosophy consists of five to nine courses that must include:

  1. 202. Reasoning
  2. 203. Ethical Theory
  3. 201. Ancient Philosophy and/or 208. Modern Philosophy
  4. 223. Asian Philosophy and/or 232. Africana Philosophy
  5. Only one 100-level course counts toward the minor.