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Another Kind of Collegiate Competition

Friday, October 25, 2019

In his own words, a Laurentian parent, Jim White P'19, describes how all parents can play an important role in the lives of St. Lawrence students.

I believe colleges should be generous with tuition assistance to students that really need it. We saved so we could send three kids to college without having to take student loans. Our oldest graduated from St. Lawrence.

There is growing competition in Higher Ed for the best students, faculty, and facilities. When admitting new students, schools weigh a number of factors, including need-based aid. St. Lawrence remains committed to providing access to students who are academically gifted and demonstrate a combination of traits that are distinctly Laurentian, namely a genuine curiosity, placing a high value on thought and action, a demonstrable eagerness to collaborate and build community, and, of course, leadership.

This is where parents can play an important role in their child’s alma mater. St. Lawrence provides a nurturing atmosphere where students can explore, and learn to think and grow emotionally and academically. Our son had an incredible experience with his friends on the St. Lawrence track team. My wife and I wanted to make a gift that would help the University give that kind of experience to other students. It was suggested that we consider the St. Lawrence Fund Scholars Program and we liked it.

It’s an easy way to create a scholarship that can help a current student who demonstrates financial need. It does more than that, though. These scholarships make sure that the University remains responsive to the financial needs of Laurentian families. And it helps St. Lawrence stay competitive when recruiting the best and brightest students.

While these things are essential for any university, we support St. Lawrence because it delivers a superb all around liberal arts education in a supportive social environment.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ~Jim White P'19