Swahili Resources


Vocabulary & Flashcards:

  • Digital Dialects:  Interactive online games
  • Fun Lugha:  Blog with multiple sections (lessons, videos & songs)
  • Kiswahili: On this site you can do free graded Swahili exercises and play language games.
  • LangMedia: Swahili in Kenya: Authentic video, audio, and images filmed in Kenya and Tanzania. Emphasis is on practical topics such as greetings, shopping, eating out, and transportation.
  • Learn Kswahili online:  Blog to teach vocabularies 
  • Polymath: Contains vocabulary, phrases, lessons, and grammar.
  • Surface Languages: Surface Languages provides free online language learning resources in Swahili (online games)
  • Swahili 101: YouTube-based course focusing on introductory conversation and basic vocabulary.
  • Swahili Classes:  Blog providing different training in Swahili by images, exercises, quiz, chat etc for students of all levels.
  • SwahiliPod101 (YouTube):  A YouTube channel for those wanting to learn conversational Swahili