Language and Cultural Exchange Program

Fall LCEP applications are due on September 23rd.

The Details

  • World Languages will match partners based on language and preferences.
  • Language teams will meet at least once a week during the semester. 
  • Language teams can continue into the next semester if both partners agree. Otherwise, a new partner may be assigned. 
  • The program is open to SLU faculty, staff, and students. 
  • There is a chance you will not be assigned this semester depending on your language choice. Re-apply each semester to have the best chances for a partner. 

Program Goals

  • Celebrate multicultural and multilingualism at SLU!
  • Improve foreign language speaking skills
  • Meet new friends and explore campus and community activities
  • Enhance cultural understanding and appreciation 
  • Prepare for study abroad. Share study abroad experience upon returning. 
  • Engage in two-way sharing so mutual benefit is achieved


By submitting this application, I agree to:

  • Attend the mandatory partner matching orientation.
  • Follow the guidelines as dictated in the orientation. 
  • Only meet in public places with my partner. 
  • Meet once a week with my partner at a time and location we agree upon.
  • If my language partner is found, I promise that I will attend the mandatory orientation on September 29th at 4 pm.*

    *If you are not able to attend the mandatory training or have further questions, please contact Up-to-date program information and contact can also be found on Instagram at slu_esol.


Language and Cultural Exchange Program

SLU Affiliation
Are you a prospective or previous Study Abroad student?
Do you want to learn or teach a language?
You should have fluency/feel comfortable teaching this language to others.
This is Optional! If we cannot find your partner with your first choice, we will try to find your partner with your second choice.
Were you a participant of the LCEP in the past?
Are you willing to have more than 1 partner?
How did you hear about the LCEP program?
Level of Commitment