Italian Studies Minor

Requirements for the Italian Studies Minor:

The minor consists of six courses:

  • Three language courses, of which two must be taken on campus.

  • Three other courses in the linguistic or cultural area of the minor, taught in the department in English, or from the approved list given below (only when no English-relevant course is offered in the department.)


All classes taken in any approved St. Lawrence programs abroad in Italy will count towards the minor.


101, 102. Elementary Italian I & II.

103, 104. Intermediate Italian I & II.

201.        Language through Film and Visual Culture.

Art and Art History

116.        Survey of Art I.

117.        Survey of Art History II.

202.        Art of the Italian Renaissance.

204.        Baroque and Rococo Art.

4401.     Baroque and Modern Architecture.


234.        Music in Venice.

Performance and Communication Arts

312.        The Public Sphere of Renaissance Venice.

Religious Studies

102.        Religion and Science.

206.        Introduction to The New Testament.

227.        Religion in Ancient Greece and Rome.