German minor

Requirement for the German Studies minor:

The minor consists of six courses:

  • Three language courses, of which two must be taken on campus.

  • Three other courses in the linguistic or cultural area of the minor, taught in the department in English, or from the approved list given below (only when no relevant course in English is offered in the department.)

Students on the Austria program may have up to four courses count toward the completion of the minor, one for the German language course and three for general German Studies in English. Those studying abroad in Germany through Colgate’s Freiburg Study Group or an ISEP program may have up to four courses count toward the completion of the minor for courses approved by the department.


  • GER 101, 102 – Elementary German I & II
  • GER 103, 104 – Intermediate German I & II
  • GER 282 – New German Cinema (taught in English)
  • GER 283 – Berlin Hollywood (taught in English)

List of courses in English from other departments approved for the German Studies minor:

Art and Art History 

  • 117: Survey of Art History II
  • 203: Art of the Northern Renaissance
  • 204: Baroque and Rococo Art
  • 207: 19th Century European Art
  • 252: History of Modern European Art

Digital Media & Film

  • 3043: Science & Cinema
  • 3092: European Cinema


  • 206: Political Theory
  • 330: European Politics.
  • 347: Marxist and Critical Theory


  • 205: Nineteenth-Century Europe
  • 206: Twentieth-Century Europe
  • 211: Women in Modern Europe, 1750 to the Present.
  • 267: The Holocaust
  • 375: Colloquium in European History


  • 100: Introduction to Philosophy
  • 203: Ethical Theory
  • 208: Modern Philosophy