English and World Languages

The interdisciplinary English and modern languages majors allow students to deepen their knowledge of world literature, to explore connections between authors of the two languages, and/or to develop their creative writing skills.  The combined majors afford students enhanced opportunities to excel in ways that would make them stronger applicants for graduate study (English graduate students are required to show competency in at least one other language) and also stronger job applicants in fields in which language and cultural competency, as well as research and analysis skills, are required (diplomacy, law, business). 

It is essential that the student work closely with advisors in both departments in planning his or her program. Students can major in English (Literature or Creative Writing) combined with French or Spanish. Although not required, participation in an abroad program related to one’s language -specialization is strongly recom­mended.

Graduation with honors may be recommended upon the ba­sis of grades, the completion of an honors project approved and supervised by a faculty member, and an oral presenta­tion on the thesis. Students who expect to undertake such a program should consult with the chairs of the English and Modern Languages departments early in the last term of their junior year. Such projects must have the approval of both departments.

Requirements for English and World Languages Major: *Starting Fall 2021

  • 6 Language courses at 103 level or higher.
  • 1 Elective course multi-listed as ENGLISH and WORLD LANGUAGES

Requirements in English for All Majors: 6 units. For further details visit the Department of English website