Chinese Studies Minor

Requirements for the Chinese Studies Minor:

The minor consists of six courses:

  • Three language courses, of which two must be taken on campus.

  • Three other courses in the linguistic or cultural area of the minor, taught in the department in English, or from the approved list given below (only when no English-relevant course is offered in the department.)

Special topics related to Chinese history and culture taught in other disciplines count toward the minor.


  • All courses taken in the Shanghai program count toward the minor.
  • Chinese 101, 102 Elementary Chinese
  • Chinese 103, 104 Intermediate Chinese
  • Chinese 201, 202 Advanced Chinese
  • Chinese 489, 490 SYE Independent Study
  • Ltrn/Asia 232 Cultures of China
  • Ltrn /Asia 234 Chinese Literature and Film
  • Ltrn/Asia 236 Buddhism and Daoism through Literature and Film
  • Govt 293 (when offered on topics about China)
  • Govt 322 Chinese Politics
  • Hist 105 Early Asian Civilizations
  • Hist 106 Modern Asia
  • Hist 292 Modern China
  • Phil 223 Asian Philosophy
  • Rel 223 Religious Life of China
  • Soc 278 China’s Market Transition