Chinese courses

101, 102.  Elementary Chinese.
This is a two-semester sequence providing an introduction to the speaking, reading, writing and listening comprehension of modern Mandarin Chinese. Through this course students are expected to be able to communicate in Mandarin Chinese on a basic level. Class sessions plus lab. Open to students with no prior study of Chinese. Also offered through Asian Studies.

103, 104.  Intermediate Chinese.
This is a two-semester sequence in intermediate Mandarin Chinese. The course content stresses all the basic language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Emphasis is on active use of the students’ vocabulary and grammar. The course includes material every week on Chinese geography, history, culture and society. Also offered through Asian Studies.

201, 202. Advanced Chinese.
This is a course in advanced Mandarin Chinese. While continuing to consolidate the foundation which students have built in their intermediate Chinese courses, this course seeks to further develop the student’s ability in all four skills of the Chinese language to the point where he or she will be able to communicate effectively with native speakers of the language, and become better prepared to read all varieties of authentic modern-language texts, including newspapers and short stories. Also offered through Asian Studies.

232. Chinese Cultures through Fiction and Film.
This course is designed to introduce the history and culture of China from its earliest beginnings to the late 19th century, covering Chinese institutions, philosophical trends, religions, literature, arts, and special topics such as gender and family, love and friendship, dream and soul, among others. Materials include Confucian and Taoist classics, Buddhist scriptures, literary and artistic works and films, as well as modern scholarly publications. All readings are in English. No knowledge about China and Chinese language is required. Also offered through Literature in English Translation, Asian Studies, and Film Studies.

234. Chinese Literature and Film.
This course provides an overview of Chinese literature and film. The first half surveys traditional Chinese literature with a focus on masterpieces in the golden ages of various genres. The second half introduces modern Chinese literature with a focus on film, including representative works by well-known writers Lu Xun and Ba Jin, and famous film directors such as Zhang  Yimou, Chen  Kaige, Wang  Xiaoshuai  and others.  The aim is to enhance students’ interests and skills in reading and analysis of Chinese literature and film, and improve students’ understanding of the history, society and culture of China.  All works are read in English translation. Also offered through Literature in (English) Translation, Asian Studies and, Film and Representation Studies.

489, 490 SYE Independent Study.
Independent study on advanced Chinese or a topic on Chinese literature and culture for seniors only.