First-Generation Fac/Staff Bios

Some of our St. Lawrence faculty and staff were first-generation college students themselves, or had parents/grandparents who were. Read their bios to learn more about their experiences as first-gen, how those experiences have shaped who they are today, and advice they have for you!

Sara Ashpole, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

Hagi Bradley, VP & Dean of Student Life

Jeffrey Chiarenzelli, Professor of Geology

Maverick Cummings, Assistant Director for Residence Life

Joe Erlichman, Professor of Biology/Program in Neuroscience

Ana Estevez, Sarah Johnson ’82 Professor in the Sciences (Biology and Psychology)

Geoff Falen, Director of Career Connections

Neil Forkey, Assistant Professor of Canadian Studies

Elun Gabriel, Associate Dean for Academic Advising Programs and Associate Professor of History

Sharmela Garcia-Martin, Director of Student Accessibility Services

Loraina Ghiraldi, Associate Professor of Psychology

Alanna Gillis, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Dan Look, Rutherford Professor of Mathematics

Jane Kring, Health Careers Committee Co-Chair, Academic Support in Biology

Nadia Marano, George F. Baker Associate Professor of Chemistry

Mindy Pitre, Associate Professor of Anthropology and J. Ansil Ramsay Professor of Public Health STEM/Social Sciences

Ivan Ramler, Associate Professor of Statistics

Robin Rhodes, Director of International Student Academic Support

Allison Rowland, Maurer Associate Professor of Performance & Communication Arts

Alice Saliba-Tarun, General Biology Assistant Professor

Tina Tao, Coordinator of Retention and Academic Support

Jennifer Thomas, Associate Professor and Chair of Performance and Communication Arts

Jennifer Townsend, Assistant Director of Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) & McNair Scholars Program

Stacy Vassar, Lab Coordinator – Organic Chemistry