Multicultural Affairs

The Associate Dean of Student Life also has responsibilities for diversity and Multicultural Affairs and is committed to working with students, staff, and faculty to foster a cooperative, diversified and productive atmosphere at St. Lawrence University.  This office assists students from various ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds in making a smooth transition to college life in the North Country.

Other tasks would include the following:

  • Work with student organizations/groups in developing multicultural programming.
  • Provide leadership training for cultural groups.
  • Advise MIC (Men in Color) support group.
  • Advise and assist theme living areas with cultural programming.
  • Advise multicultural groups in programming and assessment of campus climate.
  • Work with Vice President and Dean in the development and programming for Presidential Diversity Scholars.
  • Work with CHAS – Consortium of Higher Achievement and Success.
  • Support for gay, lesbian and transgender students and organizations.