Coaching Certification

Students completing the following courses will earn a certificate to coach in the public schools of New York State.  Students pursuing teacher certification in other disciplines are strongly encouraged to explore this option.

The required three-course sequence includes:

115. Introduction to Kinesiology. (1 unit)
This is the introductory course for the minor in sports
studies and exercise science. It focuses on the study of physical
activity from theoretical/conceptual, experiential and professional
practice frameworks. Sociocultural, behavioral and biophysical
perspectives of physical activity are explored. Emphasis is on the role
of physical activity in human development throughout the lifespan. The
relationship of physical activity to the structures of school,
community, workplace and the natural environment is studied.


216. Philosophical Perspectives on Sport.
(1 unit)
An introduction to sport through a philosophical
perspective. Primary emphasis is on a general notion of reality,
knowledge and values and their relationship to sport. The implications
of the impact of sport on education and leisure lifestyle patterns are

319. Sport Medicine. (1 unit)
This course provides background in the care and
prevention of injuries to athletes. Class topics include nutrition,
physical fitness and modern techniques of sports medicine. Lab sessions
include basic skills in first aid and evaluation and rehabilitation of
athletic injuries. Prerequisites: SSES 115 or 216 and/or permission of

320. Coaching Theory. (1 unit)
This course provides an overview of the philosophies
and practices of coaching. Professional responsibilities, management
styles and coach/athlete interaction styles are examined as they pertain
to all aspects of the coaching challenge. Prerequisites: SSES 115 or
216 and 319.