Auto Insurance Information

If you are in an "at-fault" or surchargable accident while driving on University business that results in bodily injury to a third party, you must send copies of all accident reports and information to the Compliance and Risk Management Office. Failure to report any accidents may compromise the College's insurance coverage, and you may be held personally liable for any claims in excess of your own insurance. You may be required to submit additional information, including copies of your insurance policy, and the results of any investigation made into the accident. Coverage is dependent upon your cooperation.

If your vehicle is damaged as a result of an accident, whether it is your fault or not, your comprehensive/collision coverage would respond. The University will not pay any claims to personal autos for comprehensive or collision damage. You are also responsible for any deductible amounts under your policy. If you do not carry any collision insurance, then the entire amount of the damage is your responsibility. It doesn't matter if you "have" to drive your own car because no University or rental vehicle is available; the University is not obligated to provide transportation.