Student Research

Selected Projects: 

SLU Fellowship Abstracts

A number of seniors engaged in research projects with psychology faculty. They investigated topics such as attention, memory, social cognition, and sleep.

Fall 2022-Spring 2023

  • Mikayla Quinn- Art to Distract: Reducing the Arousal of an Angry Mood in Children - Advisor: Laura Mills-Smith

  • Ngoc Tan- English Learners’ Perceptions and Experiences of Higher Education - Advisor: Laura Mills-Smith

  • Keenan Wilson, John Glover- The Impact of Exercise and High-Fat Diet on Impulsivity in Rats - Advisor: Adam Fox

  • Katherine Sheehy - The Effect of Episodic Future Thinking on Delay Discounting in Individuals Diagnosed with an Eating Disorder - Advisor: Adam Fox

  • Laken Mooney- Pre-crastination: When People Complete Tasks Unnecessarily Early at a Cost - Advisor: Adam Fox

  • Olivia Watson - Student athlete perceptions of vulnerability - Advisor: Cheryl Stuntz

  • Paige Meshcon - Responses to different exercise intensities - Advisor: Cheryl Stuntz

  • Lexie Zeppos, Kayla Karmis, Madeline Ford - Ovulation Study: The Role of Ovulation in Attraction - Advisor: Megs Carpenter

  • Luke Maye - Bisexual Protoypicality Study - Advisor: Megs Carpenter

Fall 2021-Spring 2022

  • Connor Lambert - Differential treatment of athletes -Advisor: Cheryl Stuntz
  • Gabby Smith The Six Dimensions of Wellness Surrounding Student Wellbeing - Advisor: Brittany Hollis
  • Abbie Cooper Impulsivity in FMR1 Knockout Rats - Advisors: Bill DeCoteau and Adam Fox
  • Megan Beyor  - Integrating Choice and Interest During Academic Demands in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Decrease Escape Maintained Problem Behavior - Advisor: Adam Fox
  • Eve Golden, Madolin Purcell, Mary Serr - Autism Spectrum Disorder Modeled in Rats - Advisor: Bill DeCoteau and Adam Fox
  • Katherine Hamlin, Hannah Kolpack, Kaleigh McKillip, Amelia Pape, Hannah Tobias-Wallingford Rat Model of Fragile X Syndrome - Advisors: Bill DeCoteau and Adam Fox
  • Daniel Calbo, Bella Amico, Sajida Bibi, Ayesha Khatun - Assessment of Exploratory and Anxiety-like Behaviors in the FMR1 Rat Model of Autism Spectrum Disorder - Advisors: Bill DeCoteau and Adam Fox
  • Meghan Charles - Intersection of Nature, Mental Health, and Cognitive Performance - Advisor: Adam Fox
  • Catherine O'Keeffe - Rehabilitation or Incarceration? Perception in Four States with Different Drug Laws - Advisor: Adam Fox
  • Mary Clark - Impact of Episodic Future Thinking on Delay Discounting in Individuals diagnosed with an Eating Disorder - Advisor: Adam Fox

Fall 2020-Spring 2021

  • Patricia Faucher - The effects of coach and athlete use of relationship maintenance behaviors on perceptions of the caring climate - Advisor: Cheryl Stuntz
  • Tarrah Price - Character strengths in sport - Advisor: Cheryl Stuntz
  • Yanfei Mao - Continuation of examining associations between character strengths and positive outcomes in the academic context and Development of academic-focused strengths based interventions - Advisor: Cheryl Stuntz
  • Marcelo Ortiz - Changing constructs: The effect of George Kelly’s personal construct theory on human rights attitudes - Advisor: Cheryl Stuntz

Fall 2019-Spring 2020

  • Kevin Danaher, Lindsay Ahmann, Hannah Angelides - Response to Different Intensities - Advisor: Cheryl Stuntz
  • Jessica Baldasaro - Effects of Food Restriction on Delay Discounting in Rodents and Humans - Advisor: Adam Fox
  • Audrey DeBritz - Delay Exposure and Impulsivity in Children Advisor: Adam Fox
  • Carla Martinez-Perez - (summer McNair Program) Effects of Acute Delay Exposure on Impulsivity in Humans - Advisor: Adam Fox

Fall 2018-Spring 2019

  • Cole Poulin (Senior Thesis), Paige Currie, Makayla Rogers, Hannah Mungenast, Cheyenne McQuain, and Rachel Loyst - Timing and Impulsive Choice in the CNTNAP2 Knockout Rat ModelAdvisor: Adam Fox
  • Paige Currie (Senior Thesis), Cole Poulin, Makayla Rogers, Hannah Mungenast, Cheyenne McQuain, and Rachel Loyst - Paradoxical Anxiolysis and Enhanced Extinction Learning in a Rat Model of PTSD Advisor: Adam Fox
  • Emma CollinsIt’s Okay: How Society is Dangerously Moralizing Infant Feeding ChoicesAdvisor: Laura Mills-Smith
  • Julia CrannellFollowing Up on an Internship at Judge Baker Children’s Center: Exploring the Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments for ADHDAdvisor: Laura Mills- Smith
  • Emily DearbornToyLikeMe at St. Lawrence University: Modifying Toys for Children with “Diff:abilities”Advisor: Laura Mills-Smith
  • Sebastián Gonzalez-MartinezThe Role of Pre-Switch Language Context and Spontaneity in Code SwitchingAdvisor: Laura Mills-Smith
  • Zoe BarnhartThe  Effects of Group Size and Goal Reward Structures on Social Loafing and Peer relationships in a Sport SettingAdvisor: Cheryl Stuntz
  • Isis Flores Self-Determination Theory in Structured Jail Activities Advisor: Cheryl Stuntz
  • Taylor LaRobardiere, Jenna SencabaughLess Stress for Success: Effects of Short-Term Mindfulness Practices in College StudentsAdvisor: Loraina Ghiraldi
  • Breanna GriffinNurtured by Nature: Biophilic Office DesignAdvisor: Tom Greene
  • Sarah BerkovitzThe Effect of Gender and Environment on Perceived Safety of a College CampusAdvisor: Tom Greene

Fall 2017-Spring 2018

  • Pinja R. Päivinen - Examining Cultural Differences in Moral Judgment: How Described Commonness Affects the Perceived Wrongness of Behaviors - Advisor: Jenny Su
  • Rachel Snitzer - Rendering the Most Just Verdict: Can a Period of Reflection Help Jurors Implement Instructions? - Advisors: Cathy Crosby and Mark Oakes
  • Sarah Heywood - To Approach or to Avoid: The Question of How Race and Gender Impacts Attention - Advisor: Mark Oakes
  • Iris Buchanan, Julie Joyce - Mechanical Delays Reduce Paper Towel Consumption - Advisor: Adam Fox
  • Amanda Gellis - Functional Analysis and Reduction of Horse Pawing - Advisor: Adam Fox
  • Alycia M. Nicholson, Emma J. Visser, Paige M. Currie, Colin W. Hart and Julie Joyce - Interventions Aimed at Changing Impulsive Choice Behavior - Advisor: Adam Fox
  • Rachel Muskin - Memory Reconsolidation: A tool to minimize the impact of memories for traumatic events viewed through the media - web-based administration - Advisor: Serge Onyper
  • Sydney Henegan - The effects of memory reconsolidation interference on intrusive memories of recent trauma victims - Advisor: Serge Onyper
  • Robin Pocornrie - The effects of racially stereotypical appearance on judgments of guilt of police officers in the shootings of Black men - Advisor: Serge Onyper
  • Olivia Moshier, Margaret Whitney, and Carlo Tan-Alberto - The effects of intermittent fasting on cognitive and motor function and cardiovascular health in young adult rats - Advisor: Serge Onyper

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

  • Carrie Pomainville - The Effect of Frustration on Children’s Food Selection in the Presence of Healthy Environmental CuesAdvisor: Helana Girgis
  • Alycia Nicholson, Elina Breton, and Sejla Palic - Characterization of Motor and Cognitive Deficits of the Valproic Acid Rat Model of AutismAdvisors: Bill DeCoteau and Adam Fox
  • Sumra Sikandar, Meaghan Demers-Peel, and Brett Barnes - Assessing Temporal Processing and Impulsive Choice in an Animal Model of Autism Spectrum Disorder - Advisors: Bill DeCoteau and Adam Fox
  • Alea Robinson, Emma Morgan, and Cole Poulin - Assessment of Social and Anxiety Behaviors in the Valproic Acid Rat Model of Autism Spectrum Disorder - Advisors: Bill DeCoteau and Adam Fox
  • Hallie Young - Harnessing Jurors’ Good Intentions: Instructions to Disregard Inadmissible EvidenceAdvisors: Cathy Crosby and Mark Oakes
  • Sarah Evarts - Erase It from Your Minds: Factors Affecting Jurors’ Ability to Follow a Judge’s Instruction to Disregard EvidenceAdvisors: Cathy Crosby and Mark Oakes
  • Carlene Fontanez-Lutsky - Disentangling Motor-Induced Remembering: Approach/Avoidance or Self Referential Processing? – Advisors: Mark Oakes and Serge Onyper
  • Alexis Bruno - Memory Advantage Observed with Movement Towards One’s SelfieAdvisors: Mark Oakes and Serge Onyper
  • Michael Lengieza - On the Lookout for Negativity: Defensive SelfEsteem and the Perception of RejectionAdvisor: Mark Oakes; Research Assistants: Nicole Syrotiak, Abigail Bourcy, Peter Suddaby, Justin Brackett, Meghan McKelvey
  • Sarah Heywood, Shayna Davner, Rachel Snitzer, Hunter Hitchman, Kaleb Faison, & Anna Carpenter - Defensive Self-Esteem and Victim BlamingAdvisor: Mark Oakes
  • Justina Bagger50 Shades of Trump: A correlational investigation of the effects of divisive political rhetoric on well-being and moodAdvisor: Serge Onyper
  • Nicholas Leach50 shades darker: Experimental study of the effects of divisive political rhetoric on well-being and mood – Advisor: Serge Onyper

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

  • Ashley McDuffee - Attitudes Toward the Mentally Ill: Stereotypes and Stigma - Advisor: Mark Oakes
  • John Roman - Gender Role and Leadership Role conflict - Advisor: Thomas Greene
  • Sarah Yancey Implementing a Character Strengths Intervention Targeted at Improving Eating Behaviors - Advisor: Cheryl Stuntz
  • Laura Goldhar, Rebecca Briggs, Joseph Licata, Alondra Martinez, Emma Morgan, Elizabeth Ridgway, Depika Singha, and Emma Visser - Effects of Prelimbic, Infralimbic, and Anterior Cingulate Cortex Lesions on Time Perception in Rats - Advisor: Adam Fox and Bill DeCoteau
  • Joseph Licata, Laura Goldhar, Rebecca Briggs, Elizabeth Ridgway, Emma Morgan, Emma Visser, Alondra Martinez, Depika SinghaPotential Effects of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles on Learning and Behavior in the VPA Model of Autism Spectrum Disorder - Advisors: Adam Fox and Bill DeCoteau
  • Allison ShermanFunctional Analysis of Pawing in Horses - Advisor: Adam Fox
  • Kalin LongThe Influence of Physicality on Psychological Distance and Memory - Advisor: Mark Oakes
  • Joseph Parise A Study of the Vertical World - Advisor: Bill DeCoteau
  • Yichi ZhangCall Me “Wob”: An Empirical Test of the Direct Reference and the Description Theory of NamesAdvisor: Serge Onyper
  • Anna CarpenterResponse to Ego Threats: Victim Blaming in Individuals with Defensive Self-Esteem - Advisor: Mark Oakes
  • Megan De Luca Attitudes toward Sexual Assault: Investigating the Influence of Title IX Training on Victim Blame - Advisor: Mark Oakes
  • Rose Dowley and Bailey O'KeeffePosted, Uploaded, and Tweeted: Examining the Credibility of Social Media as a Source of News - Advisors: Serge Onyper and Mark Oakes
  • Shelby Hang - Comparing the Restorative Effects of Fire and Water - Advisor: Thomas Greene
  • Nicole Jewett and McKenzie Goodwin Extending Motor-Induced Memory Effects: Examining How Flexion and Extension Movements Impact Intentional Memory - Advisor: Mark Oakes
  • Depika Singha, Mirta Mikac, and Julia Carson -The Secret Behind Remembering: Effects of Changes in Cortisol on True and False Memories for Emotional Words - Advisors: Serge Onyper and Loraina Ghiraldi
  • Isabelle MunroThe Effect of Voice Pitch on Memory - Advisor: Serge Onyper