Independent Project Guidelines

There are two options for independent projects that students can pursue, depending upon the nature and duration of the project.

PSYC 403/404 Independent Project

  • This is a flexible course designation used with any non-honors-eligible independent project.
  • Non-SYE independent projects are more flexible and do not require an application or review by a committee. 

PSYC 498/499 SYE: Senior Project 

  • This is the course designation for the honors-eligible 2-semester SYE Senior Project course sequence.
  • All SYE projects require the following:
    • substantial independent, integrative, and creative elements,
    • an application due by the end of the Spring semester junior year,
    • formation of a project-specific review committee,
    • an oral proposal presentation at the end of the Fall semester of senior year,
    • and final presentation and final written products due at the end of the Spring semester of senior year.
  • Students who have not made sufficient progress during the first semester may not be able to continue the project or may be re-registered for PSYC 404 Independent Project for the Spring semester. Only students with SYE projects approved by the project’s review committee will be eligible to receive departmental honors.

If you are interested in pursuing an independent project of any sort, please contact the faculty you would like to work with directly! Details about the SYE application process for Spring 2024 are forthcoming.