Memories of Martin Richman '50

Marty was a wonderful man. He gave me my first job out of St. Lawrence working as a paralegal in his New York City law firm. Midge Longly introduced me to him, and knowing Midge, she probably leaned on him hard to get me that job. Marty had an incredible intellect and the driest sense of humor I have ever encountered. While incredibly mild mannered, he would get very animated and excited when he talked about his law clerk service for Chief Justice Earl Warren. It was an exciting time with big decisions such as Brown v Board of Ed. I reconnected with him recently to share how grateful I was for his investment in me. I told him that my way of showing thanks is to pay it forward. He responded along the lines of “go man, go.” Thank you Marty. Whenever I think of you, I will smile. Rest well.
Scott O'Connell '87, Government and Theater Arts