Engineering, Biology-Physics, Geology-Physics

Basic Engineering Combined Plan

Students in the engineering combined plan who choose physics as a major must complete eight course units in physics, which include two half-unit courses, PHYS 317 and 318. PHYS 151, 152, 221, 222, 307, 308 and 333 make up the remaining seven units. Other requirements can be found on the Engineering Majors Requirements page. 


Students may elect an interdisciplinary major in biology and physics as a basis for work or advanced study in such fields as biophysics, radiation biology, radiological health or environmental science. The major is also good preparation for pre-medical students. A major in Biology-Physics consists of four biology course units, four physics courses, two Chemistry course units, two more upper level biology or physics courses, and a senior research project. See the Biology-Physics page for the complete list of required courses.


Students with an interest in geophysics may prepare for graduate study in this field by choosing the interdisciplinary major in geology and physics. The requirements of this major include advanced work in both physics and geology, but there is some flexibility in the choice of courses to meet the specific needs of the student. A major in Geology-Physics consists of five course units of geology, four and one half units of physics, two more upper level geology or physics courses and a senior research project. See the Geology-Physics page for the complete list of required courses.