Philosophy makes the perfect second major for any course of study.  The skills and habits you develop as a philosophy major help you communicate, think clearly, and examine the assumptions built into any field.  Interested in the Environment?  Try out Environmental Philosophy!  Interested in social justice?  Our courses in Peace Studies are a perfect fit.  Interested in medicine?  Try out Biomedical Ethics.  For any interest, there are important philosophical questions you can pursue.

In addition, all of our faculty work have interdisciplinary interests, including:

  • Professor Jennifer Hansen works in the Philosophy of Psychiatry and Feminist Philosophy.
  • Professor Richard Lauer works in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences, the Philosophy of Economics, and the Philosophy of Biology.
  • Professor Jeff Maynes works in the Philosophy of Language and Mind, connecting philosophy with issues in psychology, artificial intelligence, and linguistics.
  • Professor Laura Rediehs works in the Philosophy of Science and the Philosophy of Religion.  Her work bridges work in physics, philosophy, and religious studies.  She is also the coordinator for our Peace Studies program.
  • Professor Katharine Wolfe works in ethics, and in particular, biomedical ethics and the nature of care.