Information for First Year Students

Coordinator:  Laura Rediehs
 Phone:  315.229.5457
 Campus Address:  110 Piskor Hall

Peace studies is an interdisciplinary field of studies; its purpose is to investigate a variety of concepts of peace and to explore the potential for nonviolent methods of building social, political and economic justice. St. Lawrence offers a minor in peace studies.

PEAC 100: Introduction to Peace Studies is a good course for first-year students, and is only offered in the Fall.  This course is required for the peace studies minor; students who are interested in the minor are strongly encouraged to take PEAC 100 early in their academic career, because other courses do not count for the minor until a student has taken PEAC 100.

The course offered in the fall appropriate for first-year students, subject to the availability of seats, is:

  • PEAC 100/PHIL 120: Introduction to Peace Studies