Davis Projects for Peace

Since 2007, students from St. Lawrence University have participated in the Kathryn W. Davis "100 Projects for Peace" granting opportunity. 

Past recipients have been:

About Davis Projects for Peace

"Davis Projects for Peace" is an invitation to undergraduates at the American colleges and universities in the Davis United World College Scholars Program to design grassroots projects that they implement during the summer. The projects judged to be the most promising and do-able will be funded at $10,000 each. The objective is to encourage and support today’s motivated youth to create and try out their own ideas for building peace.  All St. Lawrence students are encouraged to write a grant proposal to develop ideas for creating peace.

The Davis Projects for Peace Competition is made possible by Kathryn Wasserman Davis, an accomplished internationalist and philanthropist, who hopes to “bring new thinking to the prospects of peace in the world.”

Students interested in applying to the competition should contact Carol Smith in the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.  Applications are due in January.

Tip for Shaping Your Proposal:

Successful proposals have a sustainable impact.  As you work to conceptualize and plan a project, realize that the projects funded are generally grassroots projects that have a long-lasting impact on the community where they are carried out.  The best proposals:

  • Make a clear connection to a vision for peace.
  • Show what special skills and interests the student(s) bring to the project.
  • Include a clear and detailed budget.
  • Create positive change that will have a lasting impact and/or will be self-sustaining after the grant funding is spent

Please also feel free to contact any of the following faculty members who have served on the SLU local selection committee in the past:  Kathleen Buckley (University Chaplain), Elun Gabriel (History), Shelley McConnell (Government), or Laura Rediehs (Philosophy and Peace Studies).

For More Information

To see reports of projects carried out with support from the Davis 100 Projects for Peace program, visit: http://www.davisprojectsforpeace.org/projects

For more general information on this opportunity, we urge you to visit the program website, where details on the proposal format can be viewed:  http://www.davisprojectsforpeace.org/