Native American Studies Minor Requirements

The Program

The Native American studies program integrates course work from several fields into an interdisciplinary curriculum which enables students to examine the histories, cultures and contemporary issues affecting the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Courses focus on pre-contact civilizations, historic and contemporary societies, Native cosmologies, social organization, art, literature, film and environmental adaptations. In several courses, the study of the struggle for survival of Native cultures presents students with a range of issues from political/legal status, treaty rights, demography, land claims, sovereignty and self-governance to identity politics, natural resource development, preservation and reclamation.

The Minor

The Native American studies minor consists of six courses. Students must complete two “foundation” courses:


229.        Introduction to Native American History.

Performance and Communication Arts

322.        Native American Oral Traditions. or

330.        Ritual Studies. (with permission of the instructor)


228.    Race and Ethnicity

Students must also complete a 300 or 400-level course or an approved project as a Senior-Year Experience. Three other courses must be selected from the courses cross-listed with the Native American studies program. Students are advised to contact the program coordinator for the most current information on course offerings and program requirements.