Native American Studies Courses

Departmental Offerings

FYP: Identity and Belonging in the St. Lawrence Valley


255. Environmental Perception and Indigenous Knowledge.


121.       The Natural World.

258.       Ethnobotany.

Environmental Studies

187.        Environment and Society.

253.        Race, Class and Environmental Justice.

302.        Air Pollution.

303.        Land Use Change in the Adirondacks.

329.        Adapting to Climate Change.

372.        Transboundary Wildlife Conservation.


231.        Adirondack Literature.

263.        Native American Literature.

Global Studies

102.        Introduction to Global Studies II: Race, Culture, Identity.

260.       Transnational Migration.

302.        Theories of Cultural Studies.


103.        Development of the United States, 1607-1877.

203.        Early Canada.

229.        Introduction to Native American History.

333.        The Age of the American Revolution.

352.        Playing Indian: Native American Stereotypes in American History and Imagination.

Performance and Communication Arts

322.        Native American Oral Traditions.


112 .       Inequality.

228.        Race and Ethnicity.

330.        Ritual Studies.

In conjunction with the Native American Student -Organization, the program sponsors films, guest speakers and social events throughout the academic year.