Program Description and Successful Grants

The Innovation Grants program began in 2010 and has inspired over 200 proposals from over 400 people. Examples of past successful grants:

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Fall 2020
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Spring 2017
Fall 2016
Spring 2016
Fall 2015
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Program Description

To encourage initiatives that will improve the quality of life at St. Lawrence through curricular, co-curricular, or campus life projects and provide a foundation for St. Lawrence’s future.

Projects funded could be one-year, one-time efforts, or could be the beginning of a multi-year or permanent program at St. Lawrence. Projects that have the opportunity for perpetuation are especially welcome.


  • All faculty, staff and students are eligible to submit a proposal to the Innovation Grants Committee, which will include two faculty, two staff and two students appointed by the President and chaired by Lisa Cania, vice president for community and employee relations.
  • Proposals from students should have a faculty or staff sponsor.
  • Proposals that connect departments or divisions are especially welcome. Faculty or staff who submit proposals will be asked to incorporate the project into their work, rather than have current work displaced or released.

St. Lawrence Innovation Grants will not fund travel by faculty, staff or students, though travel by visitors (workshop leaders, speakers etc. will be considered); grants will not provide special stipends to current faculty, staff or students; grants will not fund capital improvements or replace equipment in normal operating schedules.


Our criteria for proposals include:

1. That the initiative clearly improves the quality of life on campus in any way a Laurentian (faculty, staff or student) experiences St. Lawrence: curricular, co-curricular or campus life.

2. That the sponsor(s) will provide a report at the end of the project period and include any relevant measurable statistics about the initiative.

3. That the sponsor(s) will articulate the potential for continuation if the program is proposed to be multi-year or permanent and the sponsor(s) will work with the administration to locate potential funding sources.

Full proposals are required and should include as much detail as possible regarding how the project will be implemented, including a calendar, itemized budget, name(s) of sponsors and project staff, and a description of departments and/or classes that could be involved with the program. Please include contact information for the project coordinator from SLU and any other collaborators. Benefits should be evident and articulated.

Projects will be funded up to $5,000 per project.


You may submit completed proposals using this online application. Lisa Cania,, will be happy to answer your questions.