Innovation Grants Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Innovation Grant Successful Proposals

Bridging the Gap
Cheryl Stuntz, Jamie Goldsmith’13, Greg Carey
The Athletic Advisory Board, a committee composed of student-athletes, faculty, and athletics staff, host a series of events designed to bring coaches, faculty, and students together to forge a stronger relationship between academics and athletics on the SLU campus.  Based on the past year’s research, three semesters of programming planned will foster an improved culture of communication among coaches, faculty, and the students.

Community-Based Learning Roundtables
Brenda Papineau, Elizabeth Bastien’15, Katelyn Kraunelis’15
Each year, approximately 400 SLU students engage in Community-Based Learning experiences through the Center for Civic Engagement. This process brings together students, faculty, CCE staff, and members of various community agencies and organizations (Community Partners). Our students gain greater insight into their course learning and engagement in the local community under the guidance of expert community partners, our faculty enjoy greater student enrichment in the classroom, and our community partners gain valuable hours of service in their agencies or organizations. Rarely, though, do the various constituencies have the opportunity to come together as a whole to share experiences, best practices, concerns, and on the whole, take stock of what it is we are all doing in our work together. In order to facilitate this process of coming together, this grant will support a series of three Community Based Learning (CBL) Roundtables, to occur over three consecutive semesters.

Fix It and Go! Improving Campus Bike Culture
Maria Filippi, Louise Gava, Robert Durocher, Daniel Eng '14
St. Lawrence University’s campus size and proximity to village services make cycling a desirable mode of transportation. Regrettably there is not a shop for either bike repair or rental in Canton. With the popularity of biking in mind, this grant will promote and enhance the cycling experience for the entire SLU community by installing two self-contained outdoor repair stands as well as increasing the fleet size of the Green Bikes that provide short term loans through the Launders Science Library. 

On-Campus Recycling
Erik Mayberg’13, Marcus Sherburne, Kelly Appenzeller’15
While St. Lawrence University provides several recycling options in academic buildings and in dormitories, there are no outdoor recycling options to coincide with the regular trash options. Retrofitting current trash receptacles, by implementing a dual-lid system, throughout campus is a vital step in improving the university's recycling program. With this innovation, trash bins will
have a recycling option that will increase the amount of recyclable material that the university generates and will prove to save money by reducing the amount of materials that are removed as waste. Additionally, an easily accessible recycling option will increase the number of students who throw their trash and bottles in receptacles instead of accumulating as litter around campus.

Performance Management Program
Colleen Manley
The University has committed to developing and implementing a new performance management program for all staff employees.  To support that effort, we have partnered with a consultant for direction, design of performance tools, and training.  This grant will support the services of a consultant to help design, pilot, and train supervisors in constructive performance management. 

Saints Go Social
Meg Bernier, Chris Wells
College students are creating digital identities on social media platforms that can have both positive and negative effects on their reputations, their futures, others and St. Lawrence.  After a successful trial run with “Saints Go Social,” when we hosted a guest speaker for student-athletes and heavily incorporated social media into a women’s ice hockey game this past February, we’ve seen the benefits of educating students about these tools they will use (or misuse) and how doing so speaks to St. Lawrence’s mission that we’re here to prepare them to be leaders and set examples for their peers in the 21st century. This year, “Saints Go Social” will be open to all students at St. Lawrence and will include a week-long awareness program with a guest speaker, additional programs and another fun social media-infused women’s ice hockey game. In turn, this educational component will pay off for St. Lawrence in dividends as it helps us protect members of the community, our brand and could potentially prevent negative social media issues from happening in the future.