Institutional Recommendation

With St. Lawrence University's graduate certification programs having closed in August 2019, we are no longer able to make institutional recommendations.  If you completed one of our certification programs and are in the process of applying for professional or permanent certification, please see the instructions below from the Office of Teaching Initiatives.   

Prior to September 1, 2019, St. Lawrence University entered recommendations for both the Initial and Professional certificates for all of their certification program completers.  Those recommendations will remain on record in TEACH.

  • Log in to your TEACH account and apply for the Professional or Permanent certificate.
  • You are no longer required to enter a program code.  Instead, click on the box next to option B underneath.  
  • TEACH should correctly associate the professional recommendation in your account and automatically place your application in the “Approved Program” pathway.

This is the recommended procedure by NYSED in cases where the institutional recommendation has been entered but either the school closed, or the program code is no longer active. You can find more information on page 10 of this document

Students can also find more information about advancing to the professional certificate and how to submit the required documentation here: