Course Registration

Important Registration Dates

Refer to the Registrar's Office list of Upcoming Events found on their website.  Notifications will also be sent to students' SLU email accounts. 

Selecting Courses

To view an up-to-date list of graduate courses click here or log in to APR2.
To view a complete list of Leadership course descriptions, click here

Inactive Students

  • Any student who is inactive (less than six years) and wishes to resume graduate-level coursework is required to complete the Graduate Readmission Form and follow-up with the program coordinator for further advisement.
  • Any student who is inactive (more than six years) and wishes to resume graduate-level coursework is required to reapply to the program by submitting a new graduate program application.  

Registering for Courses as a Matriculated Student

All matriculated graduate students must register online through APR 2.0.  Students cannot register outside of the open registration period.

  • Prior to registering for coursework each semester, you are required to update your Emergency Contact Information, which can be done by logging in to APR 2.0 and clicking on your username in the upper right corner of the screen. 
  • Please take note of any prerequisites prior to submitting your course selections.

Registering for Courses as a Non-Matriculated Student

Non-matriculated students who are registering for graduate coursework must register on a Graduate Course Registration Form.  Students cannot register outside of the open registration period.

  • Instructors' approval is required. 
  • The completion of the online registration form is required for each course.
  • Carefully read the payment terms before submitting the online form.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted or approved.
  • For questions, contact the Office of Graduate Programs at ext. 5061 or

Independent Study Courses

Opportunities for independent study are available with faculty sponsorship at the graduate level. If a course you want to take is not offered or does not fit with your schedule, you should consider doing an independent study course. To receive credit for this option, you must:

  • Have 2.5 minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA),
  • Find a Faculty sponsor,
  • Obtain permission from the program coordinator,
  • Pay tuition and registration fees,
  • Complete the Registration Form and attach a written proposal developed by you and the faculty sponsor.