Registering for Your Fall Courses

Monday, July 24th at 12:00 p.m. (noon-EST) APR 2 goes live for First Year Student fall course registration. Course Plan in APR 2 and login at a few minutes before noon.


This registration process takes place in real time, so if you are not enrolled in your first choice, you will simply make a second course request, and third (or more), until you are enrolled in three more courses to complete your fall schedule (typically 4.5 units for FY students). Registration is a first come, first serve basis. Make sure your browser is up to date and register on only one device. First-year students will have exclusive registration priority until Tuesday, August 22nd at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time, after which time any students wishing to make registration changes before classes start on Wednesday will also be entering the system to drop and/or add courses to their schedule.  Once APR 2 opens up to all students, you will have more competition for seats in some courses. Only register for courses with open seats. 

Wednesday, July 26th APR 2 will close to prepare for lab registrations and allow time for students to talk with advisors about their registration results.

On Thursday, TBD at 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time APR 2 reopens for Lab Registration in biology, chemistry, and other courses with labs. Students may also add, drop, or make changes to registration at this time. The registration window will remain open through August 21st. 

Keep watch of your SLU email for more information on registration.