FYP and FYS Faculty Job Description

The primary responsibility for faculty in the FYP/FYS is to provide instruction in the 1.5 unit FYP and/or FYS course in either or both semesters.  Non-adjunct faculty are responsible for determining their remaining teaching load and leave options in conversation with their department chair, the Associate Dean of the First Year, and the Vice-President of the University and Dean of Academic Affairs.  Members of the administrative staff teaching in the program are responsible for negotiating any changes in normal workload with their supervisor.  All instructors in the FYP/FYS report administratively to the Associate Dean of the First Year with respect to all matters involved with teaching in the program.

In the fall semester First-Year Program course, job duties include working with a teammate or solo to construct and teach a course that meets the FYP communications skills learning goals, to provide academic advising for all (if solo) or half (if team-taught) of the students in that course, to attend the FYP faculty development workshops (including the June “Canaras” sessions), to meet on a regular basis with the residential staff of the college, and to attend program-wide meetings and events as they arise. In the fall semester, FYP faculty are also expected to meet with the CA/OLs for their colleges the Friday before Matriculation, to attend Matriculation, to teach the first FYP course the Tuesday before classes begin, and to attend the First Year Picnic at the President's.

In the spring semester First-Year Seminar faculty job duties include constructing and teaching a course that meets the guidelines in the FYS research project learning goals, continuing to advise students from their fall FYP, attending faculty development workshops and other program-wide meetings and events as they arise.

Syllabi for fall and spring must be submitted to the ADFY for review. Faculty must provide final fall and spring syllabi to the program office (where they are kept on file for students requesting them for transfer credit and/or graduate school applications).

The program will contribute a letter to the mid-probationary, tenure, and promotion reviews of tenure-track and tenured faculty teaching in the program.  All teaching faculty in the program are asked to provide the relevant section of their annual review to the Associate Dean of the First Year.

Adjunct faculty are required to provide an annual report to the Associate Dean for the purposes of contract renewal.