Campus ID Card

Students will receive their Campus ID Card when they arrive on campus for Orientation. Please see the photo submission information and the photo request form on your application status page.

Your card is the official St. Lawrence University identification card as required by University policy. While on campus, you should carry it at all times for identification purposes and to present to University officials upon request. Information on the front of the Campus ID Card includes name, photograph, identification number, library barcode and date of expiration.

Developed with the goal of improving access to various campus services for the safety and convenience of the University community, this one-card system

  • Provides individual access to University residence halls.  Embedded in the Campus ID Card is the coding necessary for access to all University residence halls. The access control system is monitored “24/7” by the safety and security office; if a door is propped or forced open, an alarm alerts the dispatcher and a security officer is dispatched to that location. A phone is available outside each residence in case a student must call another resident or the Safety and Security Office for access assistance.
  • Provides access to a selected dining services meal plan.  
    The Campus ID Card is automatically encoded with the selected meal plan and is required identification at all campus dining locations.
  • May be used to establish a Community-Wide Account (CWA).
    Campus ID Card holders can deposit money ($25 minimum/$2000 maximum) into the CWA account to use the card to make purchases without cash for purchases at on-campus operations such as the Brewer Bookstore, Stafford Fitness Center, Outdoor Program, dining services locations and vending machines (limited to $20 per day) and for purchases at participating off-campus vendors. It may also be used for payment of miscellaneous charges on a student account at the Student Financial Services Office [315-229-5581] and for sales by student groups for apparel, registration fees, sale of tickets for campus events and donations to charities/class gifts. NO CASH WITHDRAWAL CAN BE MADE FROM THIS ACCOUNT.
  • Required for SLU Public Printing to copiers located around campus.  
    Students can set up the SLU Public Printing printer on their personal computer or print to it from any lab computer.  Your Campus ID card is required to release that print job from any copier around campus.  
  • Provides access to athletic facilities and many special events.  The Campus ID Card must be presented for admittance to all campus athletic facilities.  The card may be required for admission to special events such as concerts, movies, theater productions and other activities.
  • Provides access to the Sullivan Student Center during off hours: between 12:00-6:30 a.m. Monday through Thursday and 2:00-7:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday and 12:00-8:00 a.m. Sunday.
  • Is required identification for other services, such as check cashing and library book checkout.

This card is a valuable asset and should be protected; it may be used only by the person to whom it is issued.  A $50 fine will be assessed for the misuse of a card.  Report lost cards immediately to Safety and Security, ext. 5554.  Accounts will be invalidated upon notification.  St. Lawrence University is not responsible for the use of any lost or stolen card if it is not properly reported.  New cards and replacement cards can be produced, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at the Safety and Security Office, 76 Park Street.  Cardholders receive one replacement card at no cost, but will be assessed $30 for additional replacements.