Printer Cartridge Recycling

Used printer cartridges of all kinds can be recycled.  If you have cartridges in your office, home or work area, here’s where they go:

SymQuest and Konica/Minolta cartridges from public printers may be placed in the tall cardboard boxes, clearly labeled with a picture of the SymQuest cartridge.  These collection boxes are located on the 2nd floor of the Student Center, ODY and Office Services (Vilas Hall G5)  

Laser jet cartridges, used in HP and other brand printers, are shipped in reusable packages with a pre-printed label.  When you receive a new cartridge, place the old one in the plastic bag, re-pack it in the box using the original inserts, affix the pre-printed label to the box and tape the box closed.  Write your return address on the label and leave it with your outgoing campus mail.

Other cartridges that do not come with pre-printed labels may be boxed up or placed in an envelope, addressed to “Used Printer Cartridge Collection , ODY.”   Put it in your outgoing campus mail, and it will be delivered to a collection area in ODY.  For large boxes that require a cart for pickup, please submit a work request to Facilities.

Questions?  Contact Suna Stone-McMasters (315) 229-5105