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Laser Accident Emergency Procedure

This procedure must be prominently displayed in any lab using a class IIIb or IV laser. 

Immediately shut down the laser system. If you are disabled, sit down on the floor and yell for help. Warn any respondent of any laser danger and ask them to turn off the power switch to the laser.

Attend to any immediate medical needs (first aid, evacuation, etc.).

If there has been an injury to the eye(s), seek immediate medical help by calling the health center (229-5596) or if after 4:00 PM, call the security office (229-5555).

If a laser has started a fire, attempt to extinguish it if it is small and you feel confident in doing so. If the fire has advanced to where you cannot extinguish it, pull the fire alarm and contact the fire department by calling campus security (5555). Do not fight the fire unless it is very small and you have been trained in fire fighting techniques.

Inform the Radiation Safety Officer (5645) as soon as possible. After normal working hours (4:00 PM) the RSO home phone number is 322-4020.

Inform the Principal Investigator of the laser lab as soon as possible. If there has been an injury, the PI must:

a. file an accident report with the Human Resources Office (5596) and

b. meet with the RSO and the RSC and prepare a report of the injury to be submitted to the Environmental Safety Office and to the President.

Do NOT resume use of the laser system until the Radiation Safety Committee has reviewed the incident.

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