Lab Safety Do-it-yourself Checklist

Chemical Laboratory Self-Checks

Work that involves chemicals is covered by either the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard or the Lab Standard. Both require periodic checking of programs and equipment. Items that should be routinely checked in chemical use areas include:

Before and/or After Each Use

  • Is the fume hood operational? Check the Alnor or Phoenix flow rate indicator on the hood, flow rate should bo OK or between 90-110 feet mer minute.
  • Are waste bottles labeled and recapped?
  • Are chemicals returned to appropriate storage location?
  • Is personal protective equipment (PPE) damaged or defective?
  • Are work areas cleaned up or decontaminated?
  • Weekly Checks

  • Flush plumbed eyewash stations
  • Remove and replace full waste containers
  • Is access to eye wash, shower, electrical panel & fire extinguisher clear?
  • Are compressed gas cylinders secured, with valve caps on those not in use?
  • Are aisle and exit ways clear of obstructions?
  • Are food and drink stored and consumed away from hazard areas?
  • Monthly Checks

  • Are outdated chemicals disposed of?
  • Were any chemicals returned to the wrong storage area?
  • Are chemicals labeled?
  • Are any electrical cords worn, frayed or in need of replacing?