Undergraduate Programs

Educational Studies Minor

The Educational Studies Minor consists of any five (5) 1-credit courses in education (special topics courses count, though they may not always show up in APR).  Additionally, one of those five (5) courses may be a course related to education but from outside the education department, e.g. sociology in education, gender studies in schools, introduction to psychology, etc.  Students may be admitted for the minor in education at any time during the sophomore year or later, providing they have good academic standing at the University.  A 2.0 grade point average is required in the minor for graduation.

To declare the minor or request further information regarding this program, contact Jeff Frank.

Education Courses

AFS 206/EDUC 206/LANG 206    Intro to Lang & Educ Eastern Africa
    M/W    12:50pm-2:20pm    Carnegie Hall 3    R. Rhodes

EDUC 225HU/PCA 225HU        Rhetoric & Community Peer Mentors
    M/W    12:50pm-2:20pm    Owen D Young Library 125B          M. Denny

EDUC 255/GNDR 255        Why Identity is Important in Higher Education
    T/TH    10:10am-11:40am    Atwood Hall 3        J. Sierk

EDUC 270                Character Education in School
    M/W    7:00pm-8:30pm    Atwood Hall 22    J. McDonough

EDUC 309/PHIL 309            Feminist Learning Theories
    T/TH    12:40pm-2:10pm    Atwood Hall 31    L. Holland

EDUC 373/PCA 373            American Philosophies Education
    M/W    12:50pm-2:20pm    Noble Center 109    A. Sweigart-Gallagher

EDUC 380                Independent Study        J. Frank

EDUC 3082/ENG 3082        LS: Growing up Star Wars
    T/TH    7:00pm-8:30pm    Richardson Hall 204    A. Hubert

EDUC 4001                Your Life’s Calling
    M/W    12:50pm-2:20pm    Atwood Hall 22    J. Frank

EDUC 4016/ODST 4000        Philosophy of Environmental Education
    W    1:00pm-4:00pm    Carnegie Hall 207    L. Holland


EDUC 153-1               Intro to Teaching
                    T/TH        8:30am-10:00am        Atwood 22           K. Murphy

EDUC 203-2               Contemporary Issues Education
                     M/W/F    8:10am-9:10am          Atwood 22             P. Ladd

EDUC 203-3               Contemporary Issues Education
                     M/W/F    9:10am-10:10am        Atwood 22            P. Ladd

EDUC 253-1               Contemporary Educational Policy
                      T/TH      12:40pm-2:10pm        Atwood 22        K. Murphy

EDUC 353-1/PHIL 353-1    American Philosophies Education
                      T/TH      12:40pm-2:10pm       Atwood 31            L. Holland

EDUC 380-1                Independent Study
                       TBD        TBD        TBD            J. Frank

EDUC 3055-1             Character Educ & School
                      M/W         7:00pm-8:30pm        Atwood 22            J. McDonough

EDUC 3058-1            Collegiate Athletics: Good Bad
                            W        1:00pm-4:00pm            Atwood 31            E. Vankirk

EDUC 3062-1            SopSem: Research & Purpose
                        T/TH    12:40pm-2:10pm        Atwood 34            J. Frank

EDUC 3063-1            From Athens to AI
                         M/W    12:50pm-2:20pm         Atwood 34            J. Frank

EDUC 4014-1            Great (S)expectations
                       T/TH    10:10am-11:40am    Atwood 3                J. Sierk