Minoring in educational studies prepares students for a diversity of rewarding postgraduate opportunities. Recent educational studies graduates have attained jobs in educational policy or higher education administration and worked at educational nonprofits and museums. Students have also taught at independent schools, attended leading graduate schools of education, and have achieved certification to become public school teachers and principals. By minoring in educational studies students are in a position to:

  • Begin teaching at independent schools right after graduation
  • Attain teaching fellowships that lead to teacher certification
  • Seek careers in education-related fields, such as educational policy, educational nonprofits, and corporate training
  • Apply to leading graduate schools of education
  • Seek certification and become a public school teacher or school leader

We work very closely with students to create an educational experience that allows each student to envision their pathway to rewarding careers in education. For more information about minoring in educational studies, please contact Jeff Frank or Jessica Sierk, and visit our Instagram to see what some of our students and graduates are up to.