International Economics - Modern Languages Combined Major

International Economics & Modern Languages and Literatures builds on two existing majors, economics and modern languages and literatures. Both departments are well established at St. Lawrence University. The economics major continually stands as one of the three largest majors on campus and is very interested in helping students develop interests and skills that go beyond the US economy. Modern Languages and Literatures emphasize the rich culture and heritage that other nations bring to our increasingly global economy. The International Economics & Modern Languages and Literatures combined majors will afford students with enhanced opportunities to develop careers in "the profit (working in multi-national companies), not-for-profit (e.g., the Red Cross and Peace Corps as well as public policy organizations) and government (e.g, the State Department) sectors of the economy." Students will benefit tremendously from these combined majors and will be ready to make international contacts to the fullest.

The four different combined majors in International Economics and Modern Languages are given below. You can view the requirements through the link below.  It is essential that the student work closely with advisors in both the Economics and the Modern Languages Departments in planning their program.

International Economics - French Combined Major

International Economics - German Combined Major

International Economics - Spanish Combined Major

International Economics - Multilanguage Combined Major