The Federal Reserve Challenge

Charles A. Dana Professor of Economics Cynthia Bansak has taught the Fed Challenge course, which focuses on experiential learning, since 2008. The syllabus states, "The goals for this course are for students to learn monetary theory, to keep up-to-date on current economic conditions and to prepare for a college-level competition titled the Fed Challenge. The Fed Challenge is a competition sponsored by the Federal Reserve System, in which teams of students from participating colleges and universities present monetary-policy analyses to a panel of judges at regional Federal Reserve Banks and regional winners advance to a national competition at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC. It is an excellent opportunity for students to develop professional skills such as a strong knowledge of macroeconomic and financial data, solid command of software to create charts and presentation materials, and extensive practice of oral communication skills." 

For questions regarding the Fed Challenge, contact Dr. Bansak.

Econ 410/11 Fed challenge is by permission, it is open to anyone with at least Econ 100.

For additional information from the sponsors of the College Fed Challenge competition:

Information from the NY Fed