SupplierPay Initiative for Staff

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Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolled vendors

The Supplier Pay Program is an important part of our Procure-to-Pay process and we need your support for continued success. We encourage you to promote the benefits of Visa automated card payments to those suppliers with whom you interact today, as well as with any new suppliers that you engage. Please direct suppliers to the Purchasing Department at for questions and enrollment support.

Benefits of This Initiative

This initiative is beneficial to both the University and our suppliers.

Key benefits that St. Lawrence receives from expanding our card program are:

  • Reduced costs from a streamlined payment process
  • Increased spend visibility
  • Improved supplier management
  • Enhanced controls and compliance
  • Improved working capital position

Key benefits our suppliers receive from accepting Visa payments by St. Lawrence may include:

  • Accelerated payments
  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced credit and collections activities
  • Strengthened trading partner relationship

Payment Process Changes

In order to facilitate payment through Supplier Pay requisitions and vouchers will need to be coded with AP type “SP” for enrolled vendors. More information can be found in the FAQ’s.  With this payment process our suppliers will receive an email notification for each payment instructing them how to obtain the card account, the amount to process using their Point-of-Sale device/software, and other pertinent details of the transaction. Each payment will leverage a unique card account so suppliers will not be required to keep this information on file.

As an added incentive, St. Lawrence will update payment terms for participating suppliers to pay them upon approval of invoices. This may result in a significant acceleration of payment.


For more information on this initiative, please review the attached frequently asked questions (FAQs) or contact the Purchasing Department at