Requisition and Payment Request Approval

1.  Log into the SLU Portal.  Users will be prompted to enter their network ID and password.  This is the same ID and password used to log into your university computer each day.  Once logged on, users should see the web access options.

2.  Select Financial Information

3.  Select Approve Documents

4.  Requisitions and Payment Requests requiring approval by the user will be displayed and the requisition and/or payment request may be approved by clicking on the box in the Approve Column and then clicking Submit.

5.  Before approving a document, users may view the detail by simply clicking on the highlighted document number.  Information will be displayed.  To return to the approval screen, click on Close Window at the bottom of the screen or the Requisition/Payment  Request tab at the top of the screen.

6.  If an additional approval is required (i.e. requests for $10,000 or more also require VP approval), enter the approver's network ID in the box headed Next Approver.

7.  Click submit.  If a Next Approver was entered, the person will receive an email that they need to approve a document.  If a Next Approver was not entered, a confirmation will be displayed.