Payment Request Instructions

Request a Payment on the SLU Portal is used to initiate payments for things such as subscriptions, dues, registrations and small honorariums less than $5,000 and reimbursements related to business travel.

In order to complete a payment request, log on to the St. Lawrence University Portal.

  1. Select Payments
  2. Select Request a Payment
  3. Select an option. 
    (If paying a vendor, type in name or ID and click Submit.  If you simply type in the first few characters of the vendor name and Submit, the system will list vendors with names that begin with those characters. If the vendor has not been paid by the university before or in several years, it will not be listed. In order to have a vendor added to Colleague, departments must obtain a completed W-9 form and the qualification questionnaire from the vendor and submit to Purchasing with a request that the vendor be added.)

    (If the vendor is listed on the screen, check the box corresponding with the correct vendor and address and then click Submit. The screen will display several fields indicating the vendor’s name address, and current date. Please indicate in the comments field if a check should be sent by U.S. mail or held in the Business Office for pick up. Enter other information such as invoice number if applicable and scroll down the screen until fields for item description, price etc. are displayed as shown below.)

  4. At the cost center and object code fields, drop down menus must be used to select the cost center and object code to be charged. If the appropriate codes are not displayed, an email must be sent to the Business Office requesting the object code be added.
  5. Scroll down the screen until you see Next Approval.  Enter your network ID if no additional approvals are required.  If additional approval is required, enter the network ID of the person who should next approve the requisition.
  • Payment requests for amounts greater than $1,500 must be approved by department heads/directors.  Requests for amounts greater than $10,000 must be approved by the appropriate vice president.
  • Payments for computer related items must be approved by IT and reimbursements to employees must be approved by supervisors or department chairs.  Employees may not approve reimbursements to themselves so approval by a supervisor, dean or vice president will be required.
  • After entering all required information, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Submit. If another approver besides yourself was entered, you will receive an email confirmation indicating the voucher status as “Not Approved” and the next approver listed at the bottom.
  • Print the email, attach your receipts/invoices, and forward to the Business Office for payment.
  • Payments to vendors are made in accordance with terms, generally within 45 days of invoice date. Checks will no longer be issued each Friday morning. Please reference the Accounts Payable Check Schedule to find the next print date. Electronic payments will be issued each Monday.  In order for payments to be issued on these dates, the Request for Payment must be approved and supporting documentation received in Accounts Payable email,, by 4:00 on preceding Monday.
  • In order to view whether a request has been approved, select View/Modify/Void.  The system will display payments requests you have submitted and the Status Column indicates if a voucher has been approved. Approved vouchers will show the status “Outstanding”.